My secret idea generator

As a business owner, you must train your mind to wander and evolve with ideas or ways of keeping your business atop. It is important to be adaptive, creative and flexible enough to make progressive changes when needed. Aside from the tools you can find all over the internet to make your business and life easier to manage, you must be in constant touch with your inner idea generating mind, to tap into your skills in order to carve out great ideas to move your business forward. There are different ways to generate ideas to keep your business flourishing and gaining new customers or even just business friends.
With your unique human strength, instinct and talent, you can achieve much more if truly dig deep and these ideas could be transformed into great money-making resources, having them modified for further use, using tools online.
For example, if you were thinking how to improve your financial situation, you could explore your ideas blogging or create your online store and then develop ideas to make your primary goal a success.
Think about what you want to blog about, blog title that appeals to readers
How best to serve your readers
How could you generate income with your blog-etc
If you were thinking of creating a web store/website
You need to think of a domain name that will serve your utmost purpose
What best suit you and your sore and all other related business planning matters.
The whole point here is that you must take advantage of your skills and instincts to be able to generate great ideas that will work for you.
For me, I have noticed that I get the best of my ideas when I am alone in my kitchen doing chores-sounds funny? Each time no one is there with me or no kids distracting my attention, my mind suddenly flickers through any of the ideas I have previously been trying to work on and then a great idea strikes me and then I quickly scribble it in my pad; this could be in form of blog post title, the next tool to try, a great step to take, story ideas, new product type, etc and most of the time have turned out to be great when I work on them.
What I’m sharing here, is a personal experience which could help you begin growing your business with your own unique original ideas, fetched from inside you, but first, you must be able to define what works for you, what inspires your imagination and when and how does your creativity get optimum feeds; is it during yoga, while reading, driving alone, listening to music, when you read or listen to other people’s success stories, when in the private area, etc-the list is endless. Figure out where your hot spot lies and work on it. I t could be a really great resources in building your very own strong and successful business empire.