About Me

WHITE SAMSUNG PIX 1 1131Hi, I am Mutiat Adebowale. I am a Life/business coach and an NLP Practitioner. Previously worked as a radio broadcaster for 10 years, before choosing the path of coaching, from which I have been able to build a successful coaching practice; where I support different individuals to turn their lives and businesses around for the better, with proven techniques, entrenched in Life coaching and NLP practices.

I also have a deep passion for writing, which has seen me publishing my first anthology of poems. Seeking and sharing knowledge, exploring ways to be more meaningful and having clear vision of purpose are the values that have kept me moving.

To get more of what I’ve got to offer, sign up to my weekly tips, articles and advice on business building, entrepreneurship, personal development as well as free trainings where you can add knowledge on ways to move your life forward and live your dreams or build a formidable online presence in your small business as well as achieve personal growth.

I have been so lucky to know that having someone hold your hands, walking you through those paths of life filled with thorns and spikes; no matter how fearful it is, can seem like passing through a vineyard. There have been times when I’d thought that I will never live free of my limitations. I had bonded so well with suppression that I was living in a borrowed flesh. Fortunately, as I continued to search for my essence, amidst thin air, going through paths I may not have known, strongly though with an incline of persistence and passion; a way finally cut through. Life coaching found me. This was the turning point of my life. I went through coaching sessions with a stroke of luck and my obsession with my cage surrendered. I rediscovered my truths and connected with myself from inside of me, enabling me to do and live just as I’d always wanted. Doing those things I once thought impossible.
As people, we all have desires and aspirations to fulfill at different turns in our lives. Sometimes, we achieve these desires and aspirations so easily, while other times, we dwindle in thoughts and energy as years pass, and thoughts never become things.
All it takes is will… but do not stop until you begin wheeling your will!
To contact me for ways to grow your small business, or get clarity and unlock your life potentials, Click here for your free 30 mins ‘Ultimate Transformational’ coaching session.


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