Believe in yourself

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It is a fact that to meet some of your life goals, you have to believe in your ability to face the challenges that will come by. Believing in yourself is the greatest weapon to achieving your goals no doubt, but often, low self-esteem and negative thinking can make you to doubt your abilities. It is essential that you live above the fear that is stopping you from believing in yourself, because if you don’t, you can’t get other people to believe in you.  When you believe in your abilities, you can then begin to build your confidence and strengthen your skills.

Self doubt and negative thinking are the two major factors that inhibit your self belief. This is because, self-doubt continuously steals away your confidence while negative thinking suppresses your mind from seeing all your great endowments and abilities.

Do you know that when you look inwards and begin to appreciate yourself, greater discoveries of your hidden treasures will begin to manifest in their multitudes, which will open up the truth about your own special unique attributes.

Every person is different in their own way and we all have what makes us unique as people, which is why you have to believe in yourself, because you have something to offer the world, which no one else has.

Unfortunately though, as much as you try not to allow self-doubt over take your consciousness, it sometimes find its way through and penetrates your reasoning, breaking the grounds on why you are not good enough or not capable of taking that stride you’ve always dreamt of.  It is quite understandable. It’s the fear of something deep. The fear of failure and rejection.

When you constantly fear to fail, invariably, you will fail by giving fear undue power over you. Life is about ups and downs and when you decide not to move ahead because of these slopes, you will find yourself nowhere.  So, you basically need to know that to achieve your goals, you have to decide to take great strides that may sometimes see you waddling  in mud, but you know what, you will feel stronger and better that you strived.

Learning a few tips to help you believe in yourself can make the difference you crave.

Understand your fear: Know exactly what makes you jitter when you think of doing something or achieving a particular goal, because when you can figure out what scares you about something, you will then be able to find ways to tackle the problem. Ask yourself, “why have I not done so and so? “What is stopping me from doing so and so?  If you practically ask yourself questions about why you are not taking actions, the answers will begin to fill up.

Think positive: Positive thinking is a great tool to tackle fear and low self-esteem because when you are able to see the positive side of you, the tendencies are that your abilities, strengths and weaknesses will be rationally judged and thought through. This will lead to clear understanding of what to expect from yourself and may help to decide how much effort you are willing to put through a challenge. Positive thinking helps to break the barriers of low self-esteem, lack of confidence and a lack of drive.

Set realistic goals:  Setting goals are very exciting ways to define what you want in life and are very useful in confidence building. However, fear is so creepy, if granted, will never allow you to set any goals at all.  Using goal setting tools to challenge yourself to action can prove really productive if you set goals that are realistic. Realistic goals are just goals that are attainable and not overtly idealistic. If you aim to build your business empire in as little as two months and hope to make enough profit by the third or fourth month to build 8 more branches around the world, altogether in six months, may be quite whimsy. At the same time, realistic goals are not about how easy you can achieve a goal, but how well the goal has helped you improve in your well-being, personal development, experience, abilities, knowledge, skills, relationship, etc, because if you set a goal that is so easy to achieve, you get anywhere in terms of achieving your overall life goals.

Be assertive–   assertiveness shows that you are able to speak for yourself and stand by your beliefs. Contrary to some opinions, being assertive is not about being rude to others or suppressive. It simply shows that you are confident and clear about what you are saying, doing or the point you are trying to prove. Being assertive rather that passive, will help you make better choices in life, as you will be able to live on your own terms, instead of seeking approval from others about how you want to feel, think or live.

Feed your mind: It is good to know that what you serve to your mind in terms of your thoughts, knowledge, perception of things, life and ways of doing things, all come together to prove your essence and substance. It is good to feed your mind with great knowledge, have wider outlook of issues and things around you, and fill your inner self with esteem and meditation so that you will blossom outwardly.