Facts you need for a rewarding life style

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Are you pleased with what life throws at you or are you struggling to find true peace within the world you live in? The truth is, the universe presents to you what you throw at it. No one has the power to dictate how your life rolls or what you feel. It is what you choose to do and the decisions you make that generally shape your experiences.

It is natural that you see a lot of raves and pressures from around you, but if you do not get yourself caught in the drama, you will not lose consciousness of what you want and what you deserve.    A lot of time, when we are struck with ‘unpleasant’ situations, we refrain the chorus “life is unfair”, but indeed, it is. What we get, is as a result of the decisions we have decided upon.  I used to believe firmly, that whatever situation I was going through was the work of nature and blamed everything that had happened to me, especially the negative situations I’ve found myself in the past, on ‘life’.

In my anthology of poems published in 2010, I wrote thus:

“Time has failed, yet it moves

Life is here, still we expect

Years have rolled, the waters of sob

Won’t stop the gush

Life is unkind…”

Although I wrote this poem and many others in the collection about a decade ago, they remind me of how I have denied myself so much peace both within and outside of me, but I am glad now that I know better and do really well especially with my feelings, which ultimately transforms into great thoughts and actions.

I am not the only one who has had to go through situations that were unpleasant, in fact; some folks cannot just define what way their lives are heading right now, as you read on. so, don’t you ever think you are alone in it, the most important thing is to find a way through the situation, event, or feeling that’s held you captive.

Here are four steps to attaining a rewarding life style

Shift your mindsets-:  The mind is where everything starts from. It begins with you, creating pictures around your thoughts. These pictures you create make or mar your thought process, which eventually is released through your feelings. You need to shift your mindset to think and do as you want and not as dimmed ‘okay’ by anyone else.  You have to believe in yourself and look within to find and listen to your very real voice.

Practice acceptance:  One of the reasons we get overwhelmed by feelings of unhappiness, lack of fulfilment, frustration and even depression is because we always expect things to turn out just as we want. You must know that change is a permanent feature of life and we cannot the course of events sometimes. It’s a bitter pill to swallow that tragedies may fall our paths, disasters will happen but when we cannot help it, then, it is better accepted. The more we practice acceptance with minor issues, to the greater ones, the better person, we will become.

Know your limits – Are you a perfectionist? Do you believe in changing other people so that things will go the right way? I bet you will always get hurt, frustrated and sometimes dragged to insanity. Knowing that you have no control over other people’s actions, thoughts and attitudes will enable you focus on the right path. The only person you have control over is yourself and that is where the change should begin. Learn to start responding to people and the different attitudes you come by, instead of reacting to them. Deliberately choose the emotions you want to live with and practise  daily with this technique. If you committ to it, you will be able to decide how to live your daily life in the best way possible.

Learn to detachment  -: “No condition is permanent”, this is a cliché and you must be tired of it by now. However, it remains the truth that no situation, circumstance or event will last forever and indeed no  human being will remain the same forever. That is why we start life as babies into being toddlers and gradually into old age. I’m not saying this is automatic but when a person sees it through to old age, it goes the same way.  Having this in mind, you must know that there are times when you have to let go of those things or people you love but can no longer have. This consciousness will carve your essence in a special way, enabling you grow well in body, mind and soul.


2 thoughts on “Facts you need for a rewarding life style

  1. Very powerful realisation, “No condition is permanent”. Our attachment to certain conditioned responses in specific situations grows all the stronger the more we resist the fact we’re experiencing it. How true are your words that letting go is part of our journey as much as it is opening doors to new things and people. I look forward to reading your blog. Love to you, Alex

    1. Thanks Alex. You are absolutely right. It’s obvious that finding the true path to living just as we’d like can be such a journey. You’ll agree that travelling inwards can be daunting. Will be reading your posts for more inspiration. Cheers, Mutiat

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