5 Best ways to attain freedom

When we talk about freedom, some people think of it as the inability to do what you want to do at the time you want to do it, or some restrain over your movement and some activities that marks your existence. It only takes you to genuinely think deep and look in wards, where you will find that your freedom lies right there with you because freedom resides within.

A lot of people make excuses for their lack and inefficiencies due to a need for freedom to do some things or through restrains or limitations from some quarters. By taking advantage of the little space nature has provided you, and believing in the iota of freedom that you can perceive, you can soar and create unimaginable possibilities in your life that soon, your wings will grow fat and you will be able to spread them high enough that no gravity can pull them down.

With a free mind and spirit, and the perception that the space you own can turn dreams into reality, you will be able to see beyond your closed gates and begin to expand your consciousness to explore new ways of doing things and allowing new thoughts of how to lead a more fulfilling life by setting better goals with a mindset that you will do all you can with heavier strides to achieve these goals.

The more you practice your freedom whether for your business, career or personal life needs, the wider your world grows and the bigger your views and ideas become. There is no doubt that while you take these strides, you may be pulled to look backwards on days when things are not propelling the right way, don’t forget that with every effort comes a reward. You can only strive ahead to get better and never let slips and falls sink you deep. To fully achieve your goals of expressing your freedom and doing those things you want to do, you’ve got to be ready to be exceptional. So, do you have what it takes?

All you need are these steps:


Adapt your lifestyle and free your imagination – Make the best use of your potentials with as little as your imagination can begin the journey for you. No matter how big your ideas are, don’t be afraid to put on those positive actions to kick off your first few steps that could open the way for incredible possibilities. Do not say that your ideas are too big for you to find a starting point, nor should you think that your ideas are so insignificant to doubt its success. Do as much research as you can, and find the best way to bring your ideas alive. Do not mind having to start the journey with very tiny steps, the most important thing is for you to start and be steadfast.  

Learn to control obsession: Don’t be obsessed with a particular life style or habit except it boosts your imagination positively and give your life the texture you want. When you become obsessed with certain things, habits or people, you lose your freedom to think and act as you wish.

Avoid being held hostage by unwanted memories:   Don’t allow past events and circumstances hold you down or bar you from expressing yourself and do not take cognizance of discouraging comments or opinions. If you take such too seriously you will be flown away by the destructive winds of dejection, because you will only concentrate on your failures and not the good things about your ideas. However, take a close look at honest and constructive criticisms; they are not usually hard to notice.


Be definite: Know what you want. Make your mind up on what changes you desire and the freedom you’re seeking. If you are clear of what you want from the outset, you will be able to outline ways you want to go about achieving it. Although at first, you may not be completely clear of the steps to take to achieve what you want, but the most important thing is for you have precise idea of what you want and why you want it.


Be cautious: In seeking your freedom, be mindful that you respect the freedom of others along your path. In whatever aspect you seek freedom, consider other people around you that they may learn from you or benefit positively from your discoveries and adventure. “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. Nelson Mandela


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